Promote Physical, Social, and Cognitive Development

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With games tailored for the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor activities, Picoo encourages children to be more physically active through playful movement, which improves their overall fitness well-being and gross motor skill development. 

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The interactive nature of the Picoo games promotes social-emotional development as children play and engage with one another. Children across all age groups can build relationships and foster inclusive play among one another.

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With Picoo's ready-to-go early literacy, math, and science games, teachers can enrich, remediate, and make learning standards fun. Increase working memory, number sense, critical thinking skills, imaginative creativity, collaboration, and problem solving skills with a variety of game bundles.

Active Learning with Picoo

Get moving with the Picoo Interactive Game Console! This screen-free device combines interactive technology with active games that children can play indoors and outdoors. Each child receives a Picoo controller that has its own lights, sounds, and vibrations. Children then work together to play a variety of games and activities that foster collaboration, teach early
STEM skills, and create pretend play scenarios.

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Picoo wands in an open case displayed on a table with Picoo cards and booklets

Picoo Kit Features

  • 12 durable controllers with wrist straps
  • Portable carrying case
  • Charging Station to charge all controllers at once
  • 15 Games with instructions
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 12 Helper Cards
  • 24 Smartsleeves (Designed to hold content printed by you to create a unique play experience)
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Children holding Picoo wands while playing a game together

Kaplan Bundle Games

The Picoo kit includes a variety of preset games to choose from depending on the age group, setting, or learning objective. Traditional games like tag and Hide-and-Seek have been given a modern twist, while completely new games have also been developed for endless active gaming fun: try to catch lightning in Lightning Bolt, dodge the zombies in ZombieRun or search for the spy in SpyHunt.

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Picoo is great tool for engaging preschoolers. With the game cards, it provides a fun way to get kids active who might not know what to play when they are outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed for ages 4 years and up, both children and adults love playing Picoo. Additionally, it can be used by children of different ages at the same time, making it perfect for afterschool programs and times when classrooms come together.

Picoo is not just for kids! Enjoy using Picoo to mingle at your next staff meeting, Lunch and Learn, or Curriculum Night.

No. The Picoo controllers use their own network to communicate with each other so you don't need WiFi or GPS connection.
A Picoo controller exchanges messages with another Picoo controller up to a distance of about 160 feet. As long as another controller stays within 160 feet, you can keep the playing field as large as the number of controllers. For example, 3 Picoo controllers x 160 feet = 480 feet. Our advice is not to make the playing field larger than 3000 square yards.
The Picoo comes with a one-year limited warranty.
Picoo controllers are very durable. The rubber cap and wrist strap provide extra protection.
Picoo controllers are splash-proof. You can't play with it in the pool, but a big rain shower is no problem.
Up to 24 players. You can combine 2 sets.

It varies depending on the game you play, but in general, you can play 3 to 4 hours continuously.

With an empty battery, the Picoo controllers take about 4 hours to fully charge.

The controllers will flash quietly when charging.

  • Red: the controllers are busy charging.
  • Purple: the controllers are too hot (or cold) to charge. Once they have cooled down, charging will begin on its own.
  • Orange: the controllers are almost done charging. (You can use them to play again).
  • Green: the controllers are fully charged (the controllers will turn off automatically after 5 minutes).
Turn your Picoo off and on again. This is done by pressing and holding the button for at least three seconds. After three seconds, your Picoo will flash white and then turn off. Then you can turn the Picoo back on and play with it. If turning off the Picoo controller is not enough, you can also reset the controller completely. Press and hold the button on the Picoo controller for at least 30 seconds. The controller will now reboot on its own. If the above solutions do not reset your controller, please contact customer support for additional help.
More games are being developed and will be available for purchase on 
Picoo is very easy to use and each game comes with an instruction card. But we don’t want anyone left sitting on the sidelines. We have created short instruction videos and are happy to host a “play date” with you to become more comfortable playing the various games.
Download the Picoo app from your phone’s play store. Open the app and choose a game. Follow the prompts on the screen.
Download the Picoo app from your phone’s play store. Open the app, and select Maintenance. Follow the prompts on the screen. You may see an empty battery icon, if so, you will need to recharge that Picoo again for 4 hours.

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Picoo - Set of 12
Picoo - Set of 12
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4 years & up. Welcome to Picoo! Hand-held controllers you can play with indoors or out. Picoo is unique in that it promotes physical activity and social interaction among children. Children can use technology while interacting with their friends. And best of all, there is no screen. Picoos 15 games are fun and easy to play. Picco takes classic childhood games and gives them a modern twist. Each controller has lights, sounds, and vibrations. Picoo simplifies classroom management by choosing teams for you, facilitating game play and duration with sounds and lights in the controllers. Use the included Smartsleeves to play different games or create your own lesson material. The Piccos come in a carrying case so you can charge them all at once.
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